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There aren't many and for the most part provide guidence. They include:

  1. No brute-forcing or hacking - Malicious activity will result in an IP ban.
  2. Don't spam guesses - Think it through and take your time. Some levels are damn hard but don't give up!
  3. Don't share spoilers - Please don't ruin it for others by sharing answers or explanations in the forums, Discord or anywhere else on the web.
  4. Do report spoilers - If you come across any spoliers or hints (for anything other than the first 5 levels), please report it.
  5. Do use Google (within reason) - Some levels make reference to things outside of WrongHole! In this case you may use Google. Don't Google for walkthoughs, hints etc...
  6. Do use '-wronghole' flag when using Google - This'll keep you free from spoilers, i.e., a search of 'what is 72826? -wronghole'.
  7. Always have fun! - don't take it too seriously, the most important thing is that you have fun. If you're really stuck, come back to it. It'll always be there!


WrongHole's gameplay is simple. It's all in the browser and may require some external, free software. You should never need to leave the 'wronghole.net' domain, all clues and levels are found in this site.

Each level provides you with an image. You must use this image along with the page title and page source code to discover clues need to solve the riddle. Once solved, the answer will either be a link to the next level or a username and password needed to access the next level.

Guidence & Tips

For the most part you're on your own. Levels vary in difficulty but are chronological. All you need to solve each level is in each level, there's no guess work or magic required! You may need external tools to solve some levels but these can all be obtained for free. Here's a few I recommend:

Here are a few tips to help you out:


To get you going, I've provided hints for the first 5 levels, take these and run!

  1. Take a real close look at the image, see anything?
  2. If it's too bright, what can you do? Take a close look at the URL.
  3. Keep a note of the cryptic writing in the page title. Now open the page souce and have a read. Is there anything in there that looks similar to the cryptic writing? This level solves the Username and Password required for level 4.
  4. You'll need Google for this one (probably). Look up the numbers in the page title then read through the page source.
  5. As per the tips, look back at the URLs from previous levels. Now look at how URLs link with what's being shown in the image.

Completion Codes

Completion codes are cryptographically signed keys that allow us to verify that you've completed WrongHole! You are awarded a key when you reach the current last level. You submit your key by sending a message to the #general channel in the Discord server in the following format:

/verify code:[ENTER YOUR CODE]

Our bot will then collect the code, verify it and if valid will broadcast a message to other players in the Discord server. Please note that this of course is not mandatory, it's just awards you bragging rights! Codes only have a 02:00 minute life span so be quick!