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Why WrongHole?

WrongHole! is an online riddle game, inspired by David Münnich's Notpron. Having completed Notpron myself and having a blast, I wanted to create my own version - expanding on the incredible work done by David in 2004. I wanted WrongHole! to keep the technical simplicity of Notpron so Notpron players would feel right at home. There's no login required and is free for everyone to play, regardless of technical ability. Check out the rules before playing.


WrongHole! is a passion project of mine and is self-funded. You of course do not need to donate, the game will always be free. However, if you wish to support me and the project (help cover hosting fees etc...) I would be extremely grateful! You can use the 'Donate' button located at the bottom of the site or click here. All donations are handled by PayPal so you can be assured a quick and safe checkout.